Gifted MO is about helping men and women, of all ages, look and feel their best by enhancing their confidence through a total skin care solution. By creating a very memorable experience during each visit, you’ll feel as though you have been on holiday.

Gifted MO loves treating skin topically but taking care of your skin is not only what you do for it superficially but holistically as well. Because skin is not only about what you apply on top of it but what you feed it from within too.

Gifted MO is known and trusted for its signature and customised facials and massages. Ranging from an hour and a half to over two hours of treatments. The aim is to create the best quality skin for all their clients, to support and journey with them in achieving the ideal results that both the client and Gifted MO can both be happy with and proud of.

Gifted MO is rooted and built upon client referrals and word of mouth even during this modern era of social media and the internet. Coming to Gifted MO you get to experience love, care, friendship, empathy, humanness, a warm and welcoming atmosphere whereby you get to lie back, relax and enjoy your chosen treatment. Valuing their clients and building long-lasting relationships and friendships as well as maintaining those relations and constantly working on nurturing them is very important to Gifted MO. And so, they treat everyone with care and respect, like royalty.

“I want to impact people’s lives by excellently improving one skin at a time. To bring about joy, happiness and confidence which are the results of the time and attention dedicated to producing the best results possible”. Mpho Mmesi

Mpho Mmesi is currently practicing and running her beauty salon in Hyde Park Corner, Johannesburg. She loves and enjoys performing the world’s most luxurious skin care treatments. What captures her smile every day are the people that she meets, her clients, treatment after treatment. She enjoys serving her clients and how they serve her back.

It is what they impart with her each time, sharing their life stories, experiences and memories, that deeply enriches her life. Because of this, she could never have learned from a book, what she has learned from her clients. Growing, sharing laughter, life stories, spoiling and treating her clients; is what gets her out of bed every morning.

She strives to be an example and an inspiration to her clients by consistently taking care of herself as well as her skin and coming up with new and innovative treatments to keep up with the ever changing industry trends.

When she is not at work she enjoys keeping healthy and loves to exercise by going to CrossFit, yoga classes and passes time by reading and growing her knowledge through research.

Qualifications & Experience:
Qualified Somatologist through CIDESCO
Over 16 years of experience in the beauty industry
Professional Beauty Make-Up competition judge in 2018
Has worked on luxury five-star cruise liners

Opened her first beauty salon at the age of 22 years old

Professional Beauty finalist in 2013 for the “Therapist of the Year” awards
Won a trip to Italy in 2010 for the best sales in [ comfort zone ]


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An amazing person - Mpho

Rated 5 out of 5
30th Oct 2020

You are an amazing person with so much positive energy and it’s such a pleasure being around you. Your talent and skill in ensuring your clients has a holistic approach to beauty and skincare is profound. Not only do you make every attempt to really get to know your clients you always go the extra mile over and above your call of duty to make us feel special and appreciated ❤️

Shanitha Ramparsad

Dedicated Mpho

Rated 5 out of 5
29th Feb 2020

Thank you Mpho for the superb massage – it was the first time I have enjoyed a massage like that! You have the magical touch but also a real care and love in your heart for the your clients.

My 107 year old grandmother loves coming to you for her treatment – she calls you her “ medicine” . Thank you for the way you care for her with your magical touch Mpho.

I enjoy your professionally designed work space

– it is comfortable for those waiting and for those receiving treatment. It’s clean and well organised.

Your positivity is infectious!

Take care

With warm regards



“Magic” Mo

Rated 5 out of 5
24th Feb 2020

Meeting “Magic” Mo is the best thing that has happened to me and my skin.  She is knowledgeable and always goes the extra mile.  Her Clients and the results she achieves for them is what is important to Mpho.  It is wonderful to be in the hands of someone who has such passion for what they do.  Your treatment is not over when you leave her rooms, Mpho wants to hear from you, she wants to know how your skin is doing, how it reacted to the treatment.  Mpho is truly awesome – the best!!!!  Tracy Fry

Tracy Fry

Highly recommend!

Rated 5 out of 5
7th Oct 2019

I have been a client of Mpho’s for about 2 years. I would highly recommend Gifted MO for all beauty services. She is highly professional and very academic in her approach. Alongside this she is caring and client focused and provides excellent advice.

Michelle Roberts

Magical Mpho

Rated 5 out of 5
29th Aug 2019

Mpho is by far the most talented, kindest aesthetician that has ever worked on my skin! She has transformed my skin to porcelain. She is knowledgeable in everything skin and is always doing the most current treatments. She is pure magic…

Alexia Kavouras

I’m waiting to welcome you every day with my smile