Gifted MO, FOUR Basic Rules in taking care of your skin.

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23rd Feb 2021

Gifted MO, FOUR Basic Rules in taking care of your skin.

Gifted MO, FOUR Basic Rules in taking care of your skin.

1. Exfoliate
Use a weekly enzymatic exfoliation, this is the most gentle way to remove excess dead skin cells which in turn gives the skin a lovely smooth completion, allows for better penetration of your products, stimulate cellular renewal and increase cell turnover.

2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate…. I can not stress it enough.

Dehydrated skin, is a skin that lacks moisture. Skin that lacks oil, is classified as dry skin type. It’s very important to feed your skin moisture by drinking water and by applying products that will hydrate the skin.

The same goes with an oily skin. Oily skin usually has excessive oil because of over active sebaceous/oil glands which makes the skin appear oily and shinny. The same oily skin can also lack moisture which makes oily skins dehydrated as well, therefore it is essential to offer an oily skin hydration. This way oily skin does not over produce more oil to compensate the lack of moisture balance.

– Hydrating creams, fluids, serums/concentrates/boosters can be used to effectively hydrate the skin daily. A hydrating masks is advised for weekly application.

– A dry and dehydrated skin tends to have premature aging, in the form of fine lines and wrinkles. By keeping the skin well hydrated, will keep these signs at bay. Your skin will love you forever.

3. Eye cream/cream-gel/serum.
It’s simple, our body and face texture is different to the skin around our eyes. Our eye area has the fewest layers of skin and is very delicate compared to the rest of the skin. The first signs of ageing appear in the eye area, then the neck area and then the hands. I can’t stress more, prevention is better than cure, when it comes to starting an eye cream as early as possible. As you age, puffiness and dark circles around the eye area appear and therefor a good eye cream will support these concerns.

The reason why your normal face cream does not work on an eye area is because it’s molecular structure is far too large to penetrate the 3 fine layers of skin.
The order of application is always apply the eye cream first and then your face cream. This will prevent you applying your face cream too close to eye area.

4. Sunscreen/Sunblock/Sun Protecting Factor (SPF)
Using an SPF factor is one of the best habits to get into. Protect your skin daily, come rain or sunshine. As the sun is our biggest factor that influences our ageing process, it is essential to protect it daily. A 30 SPF+ with UVA & UVB means you get the best broad spectrum protection from your sun. A good quality SPF will have added anti pollution elements which will protect the skin from environmental damage. This has been rated the 2nd biggest cause to increasing the ageing process.

PS. It is important for both caucasians skins and ethic skins to be wearing sun protection DAILY to prevent your skin from photo-aging and burning. As much as a lighter photo-type may burn quicker than a darker skin, all photo-types will have adverse response of over exposed sun and in all cases will have an aged effect on the skin.

Test: stand in from of a mirror in your birth suit and notice the difference shades of your skin colour/tone, notice how some areas of your body are much lighter in complexion than your face or other areas of your body, that’s more exposed to the sun? Sunburned!

1. Exfoliate
2. Hydrate
3. Eye cream
4. Sunscreen

In Good Skin Health and Longevity
Thank you.

From – Your Trusted Skincare Advisor – Mpho @ Gifted MO

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