Invest in the Best Choices for your Skin

Gifted MO, FOUR Basic Rules in taking care of your skin.
2nd Aug 2019
Spa Facial
Spa Facial
30th Aug 2022

Invest in the Best Choices for your Skin

Bluntly put, it is essential to invest time in, and money on, one of the most important organs in your body!  When your skin is in great condition, you feel confident and you will age well.  Investing in your skin does not necessarily require cosmetic surgery or anti-aging, injectable enhancements, unless you wish to invest in  those.

There are more subtle alternatives.  If someone with a deft hand can aid you in achieving excellent skin enhancement results, then stay with them.  It is never too early to begin looking after your skin so as to retain the best possible version of yourself.  A few decades from now skin damage may be irreversible for you.

Have no regrets …start taking care of your skin now.

Skin health is a very important priority.  How and what we feed our skin is vital.  Long term side effects of skin treatment are key.  Make the best choices now so as to be happy and confident with your skin forever.

Immediate investment will yield long term profits.

Investment could be simple: a great quality serum, concentrate, booster, moisturizer with peptides, hyaluronic acid, vitamin A, vitamin C, great antioxidants and a broad spectrum sunscreen daily, that can be incorporated into your daily or weekly skin care routine.  Alternatively your investment could be a more advanced skincare routine: peels, essential oils, aesthetic treatments, LED’s, resurfacing, microneedling, micro current  treatments, the list is endless.  Your level of investment is your choice.

Either way, great quality skincare that yields visible results in texture and appearance is  a perfect place to start.

Speak to your skincare specialist for professional advice about what is available for your needs.  There is something for everyone,  whether aesthetic, natural or good old relaxation massage in your treatments.

Thank you and stay tuned till next time.

Your Trusted Aesthetician: Mpho

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